Our goal at Retire to the Good Life is to help you discover your passions and dreams and turn them into realities. We do this through using the Retirement Success Profile (RSP) or the Life Options Profile (LOP) to get you to look at all aspects of your life. We spend time listening to you by asking you focused questions and by providing a variety of exercises to help you create your action plan and mission statement to move forward with purpose in your life!

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Retirement Success Profile

A scientifically-designed assessment tool that identifies personal retirement strengths and concerns for individuals and couples over 50 who are planning their retirement or who are already retired. The RSP addresses 15 life factors that encompass 6 life arenas that contribute to retirement success.

Life Options Profile

An assessment that measures retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas. The results provide a clear, well-ordered and scaled overview of how you compare to others in similar life circumstances with respect to your personal growth toward retirement.

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