My Process

Accountability, the missing link?

An essential and often ignored part of Coaching is the accountability that is built into the process.

Why? Because if you read a book and do nothing, there’s no change or progress towards something better.

When I go through the coaching process with you, you are making a commitment to me to do certain things by a certain time. My job is to hold you to that. I provide support in between the regular coaching sessions.  Over time you will develop new habits that replace the bad ones that have been holding you back.

During the first coaching session, you and your coach will be setting goals and checking in on your progress. It is these check ins that make you accountable. You will be successful based upon your effort, whether it is sending your daily email update or a once a month phone call. That is your decision.

Our role as your Coach is to be there to encourage and support you, to question you, to persuade or even challenge you. But most importantly, we will always be there to help strengthen your ability to achieve your goals. As your Coach our expertise is in listening and questioning. Put simply, we will not preach, but we will definitely push. Our style of coaching is very informal, yet very effective.

Each of our Coaching options has a specific process. For more information, click on the Coaching Option that works best for you.

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General Coaching

Hourly coaching sessions designed assess your profile and incorporate your responses, goals, and needs.

Couples Coaching

Two packages with coaching calls that give you extensive support in developing your retirement plan.

Individual Coaching

Two packages with coaching calls that both offer facilitation in developing your retirement plan.

Corporate Coaching

A group workshop that includes 5-25 people and consists of 5 one-hour sessions.

Through coaching I was able to review my strengths and gain insight into my potential future paths by completing an assessment and exercises with Mark. His easy going approach helped deal with my fears.


Wellesley, MA

Packaged in each Coaching option is a Profile that I use to assess readiness for retirement, what your priorities are for retirement and where you need to devote more time and energy in preparing for retirement.

For more information, click on the Profile that works best for you.

Retirement Success Profile

A scientifically-designed assessment tool that identifies personal retirement strengths and concerns for individuals and couples over 50 who are planning their retirement or who are already retired. The RSP addresses 15 life factors that encompass 6 life arenas that contribute to retirement success.

Life Options Profile

An assessment that measures retirement readiness across 20 lifestyle and attitudinal dimensions in six life arenas. The results provide a clear, well-ordered and scaled overview of how you compare to others in similar life circumstances with respect to your personal growth toward retirement.

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