Corporate Coaching

Whatever their perspective on retirement, whether positive or filled with uncertainty, your employees need to be prepped to go through one of the most significant changes of their lives.

“People put more time and energy into a TWO WEEK VACATION than they do into planning for retirement!”

As their employer, there is a way that you can help all of your employees to make a smoother transition into retirement.

My role as their Coach is to be there to encourage, support, question, and challenge them. But most importantly, I will always be there to help strengthen your ability to achieve your goals.  As their Coach, my expertise is in listening and questioning. Put simply, I will not preach, but I will definitely push. My style of coaching is very informal, yet very effective.

My Corporate Coaching package is structured in a way to provide your employees with the proper planning for retirement. However, I can customize any presentation or workshop needed for a company or corporation. Options vary from a one-time lunch and learn to a full presentation to a multi-session workshop.

The type of package you will choose for your employees, depends on where they are in their retirement path. It is generally recommended that workers attend a pre-retirement program no later than three years before their intended retirement date. It takes time to make the necessary emotional, mental and physical adjustments and preparations for retirement. However, if your employees are closer to retirement than three years, there are still package options that I can do to help them prepare for retirement.

Offering a pre-retirement program enriches the company’s relationships with its employees resulting in a happier and more loyal workforce.  Corporate Coaching basic package is a group workshop includes 5-25 people and consists of five one-hour sessions.

Before the group meets for the first time, each participant is asked to complete the Life Options Profile (LOP) online. The software is designed to immediately provide easily understood, written results for beginning the journey to a happy and fulfilling retirement.

Session 1 

I facilitate the interpretation and understanding of the Life Options Profile (LOP) and answers any questions regarding the outcome of the assessment and how it will be used in the group retirement coaching process.

Sessions 2 – 5

I presents mini lecture on each Life Arenas listed below and facilitates discussion using powerful questions and exercises.

6 Life Arenas

  1. Career and Work
  2. Health and Wellness
  3. Financial Attitudes and Planning
  4. Family and Relationships
  5. Leisure and Social
  6. Personal Development

Please email me to discuss possible presentations and prices to make this work for your employees. This is a great way to get your employees to start thinking and planning for retirement in order to make a smooth transition from your company.

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After hearing Mark speak at my company, I was excited to start exploring retirement from winding down my time at my present company to determining how I was going to live life in a new direction. Mark was so committed to me and the process. He was a joy to work with!!


New Haven, CT

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