In the Good Life…

Rediscover your dreams

In the Good Life…

Reexplore your passions

In the Good Life…

Reconnect your goals

In the Good Life…

Redefine you

  • Do you often wonder what you need to do in the next few years before retirement?

  • Are you afraid of leaving your comfort zone?

  • Do you sometimes fear you won’t have a reason to get out of bed each morning?

  • What will you do to fill your time in retirement?

  • Do you know people who have retired and passed away shortly after and resolved to make sure that won’t happen to you?

If you answer  “YES” to any of these questions, I’m the one to help you to make and carry out your new life plan.

Baby Boomers reach the age of 65 every day


of pre-retirees prepared to work in retirement

the average retirement age in 2014

possible years in retirement

average number of hours you will be working


of workers age 65 with full time jobs

What is the “good life”?

The good life looks different for each of us…

starting a second career

spending time with family

volunteering in the community

picking up a new hobby

traveling to another country

going back to school for another degree

I know how to get you to the Good Life

Retire To The Good Life Coaching

As you head into retirement, the ability to handle change is very important. Finding a connection into your new life is important. Each of our coaching options are geared towards helping you create an action plan and mission statement to move forward with purpose in your life!

Single? Married? We cover all the bases

Common Mistakes pre-retirees make

thinking fun and leisure will happen all the time

not seeking the assistance of a professional coach

having no idea on how to schedule their day

Find Out How To Avoid These Mistakes

not being willing to take risks and face change

sticking with old habits and life identities

not expecting the unexpected

Just because you retire does not mean you are disconnected from life! You should be gaining a new level of engagement and direction. After years of working a nine to five schedule, it is often difficult to transition to the choices and options available to you in retirement.

Mark Danaher

Founder, Retire To The Good Life

Are You Ready For The Good Life?